Coki Point

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Coki Point Beach is a relatively small, very pretty beach located on Coki Point.  The crystal clear water is usually very calm and deepens gradually. There is very little natural shade, but umbrellas are available for rent.  Near shore, there is a rocky reef area that offers great snorkeling.  A favorite with visitors and a popular stop on island tour itineraries, the beach tends to get crowded when multiple cruise ships are in port.  Coki is equally popular with locals for picnics and parties so its common to find a crowd on Sundays and holidays.  On crowded days the parking situation can be a bit wild, there is parking available in some spots just off the road, close to the beach, but not a whole lot.  The really crowded times are when the cruise ships are in.  Throngs of cruise passengers will come over from the cruise dock at Havensight in taxi buses and for a time the beach can be so crowded it is nearly impossible to walk from one end to the other.  There are several food vendors serving picnic table fare including burgers, sandwiches and some local dishes.  Call it touristy or call it convenient; you will also find hair braiders, chair rentals, plenty of taxis, beach waiters serving drinks and vendors selling t-shirts, sunblock, art work, bags, wrap skirts, towels and more!  There is a dive shop on site (Coki Dive Center).  A jet ski rental booth is located just across the road, opposite the beach and a few vendors rent snorkel gear and floats.  Coki Beach is located right next to Coral World Marine Park; its easy to make a day of visiting both places.

Check out the Point Pleasant Resort on, it is right down the road from Coki Point beach.

Coki Point Beach Coral World Coki Point Beach

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Coki Point Beach

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