Also known as Frenchman's Bay Beach

Morning Star, also known as Frenchman's Bay Beach, is near the Marriott Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, about 2 miles east of Charlotte Amalie.  Here, among the often young crowds, you can don your skimpiest bikini.  Sailboats, snorkeling equipment, and lounge chairs are available for rent.  The beach is easily reached by a cliff-front elevator at Frenchman's Reef.  The beach attracts mainly hip singles and savvy couples, as does Limetree Beach, set against a backdrop of seagrape trees and shady palms, luring those who want a serene spread of sand where they can bask in the sun and even feed hibiscus blossoms to iguanas.  Snorkeling gear, lounge and beach chairs, towels, and drinks are available.  There's no public transportation, but the beach can easily be reached by taxi from Charlotte Amalie.

Marriott Frenchman's Bay

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