St. Thomas Beaches

St. Thomas beaches, while not as famous as those on neighbor island St. John, are still breathtaking.  The beaches on St. Thomas are often attached to resorts and unlike St. John where most of the beaches are run by the Parks Service, of the over 40 beaches on the island only Magen's Bay is government run on St. Thomas.  Below, you will find a list of some of the beaches of St. Thomas, you can click on these for more information.  We also have a page devoted to St. John Beaches you may want to check out.

St. Thomas Beaches

Magen's Bay   Little Magen's Bay   Coki Point Beach   Renaissance Grand Beach
Morning Star (Frenchman's Bay Beach)   Sapphire Beach   Secret Harbor
Lindquist Beach   Brewers Bay   Lindbergh Beach   Vessup Bay   Hull Bay

Magen's Bay Beach Brewers Beach

Lindbergh Bay Beach

YELP Reviews for many St. Thomas beaches

Magens Bay
117 Reviews
Magens is a beautiful beach and worth paying to see. However there are ways around it. Come before 8am or after 4:30pm and you don't have to pay. Or take...+1-340-777-6300
Lindquist Beach
18 Reviews
We were told by locals and family members not to come here; that it was not worth it and it was boring. Well I'm glad we ignored the naysayers and came...
Sapphire Beach
22 Reviews
Magen's Bay and Lindquist beach watch out, Sapphire Beach, keeps it real by not charging to access it and may steal all of your visitors. This beach is...
Coki Beach
75 Reviews
Greg H.'s review, "2 Sides To This Coin" says it perfectly. The beach can be a 5-Star or a 1-Star, depending upon time of day and day of the week (let me...
Morningstar Beach
5 Reviews
Absolutely gorgeous beach... plenty of chairs and towels. Didn't check out the bar but with such a beautiful beach it's hard to give anything less than 5...
Brewers Bay Beach
3 Reviews
So I think I might like this beach a bit more than Magen's bay. I know that probably sounds like madness as the other beach was rated one of the highest of...
Cinnamon Bay Beach
25 Reviews
This is probably my favorite beach on St John....hard to pick a favorite but this one is at the top of the list or close to it! What I love about Cinnamon...
Trunk Bay
71 Reviews
Excursion booked on Norwegian Escape These excursions basically all present themselves in a perfect world when glancing at adverts and reading captions...
Abi Beach
5 Reviews
Caters more to locals. Saturday night buffet, Sunday brunch, excellent and inexpensive. This is a hidden gem locals' hang out. Friendly staff, great...+1-340-626-9317
The Honeymoon Beach
4 Reviews
So we didn't stay at the Caneel Bay Resort (mostly because I enjoy being able to afford to eat every day), but we did take the short hike past it in order...+1-340-779-2155
Coki Point
6 Reviews
This is such a small and relaxing little beach. I prefered it over the larger and more famous beaches in St. Thomas. While here you can rent anything you...
Hawks Nest
5 Reviews
Probably overlooked by most tourists for a few reasons that make sense (and some that don't), my visit in April of 2013 conjures the following...
Coral World Ocean Park
50 Reviews
This place is so awesome!!! I love that it is situated right next to Coki Beach! So you can spend the day at both place! I highly recommend this smaller...+1-340-775-1555
Maho Bay
16 Reviews
Dare I say best beach on St. John? Come early, grab a spot under the trees by the road, and enjoy. You can see all kinds of sea life out in the calm...
Water Island
1 Reviews
We really enjoyed our visit to this residential island which is the smallest of the fourth island to make up the US Virgin Islands. In 1944, the U.S....
Honeymoon Beach, St John - Virgin Islands Ecotours
7 Reviews
We bought the all-day pass for $24/person! and it's the best deal you can get! For an all-day access to paddleboards, kayaks, your own beach floatie, and...+1-877-845-2925
The Virgin Islands Paddle Club
1 Reviews
Great way to spend the day while in the Virgin Islands..Friendly Staff, all new equipment, and a super way to be on the water.
SUP St John
9 Reviews
We came to St. John for the holidays and wanted to paddleboard on the gorgeous waters during our stay. SUP St. John made it so easy- they dropped off two...+1-340-514-5527
Coki Dive Center
13 Reviews
Amazing place that offers all sorts of diving right off Coki Beach. The divemaster, John was super accommodating and incredible while my sister and wife...+1-340-775-4220
Virgin Islands Ecotours
14 Reviews
Tour guides were exuberant, friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. Everything is a learning opportunity during the tour. Don't be afraid of asking questions...+1-340-779-2155

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